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[FAQ]How do I playback footage from the cloud?

Date:May 31, 2018 14:08PM View:24369

    Once you have successfully activated cloud service for a device, footage from the device will be saved onto our secure cloud. You will be able to access this footage from any location, at any time. The following instructions will show you how: 


    1. Open the Zmodo app and log in using your Zmodo account information. 


    2. Scroll through your device list and select the device that you would like to review footage from. 


    Cloud Playback 1 


    3. Select the Playback option as shown below to review footage for the device. 


    Cloud Playback 2


    4. Press the icon at the upper right corner to select which playback option that you would like to view. You will be able to choose from: A) Live View, B) Local Playback (for supported devices), C) Cloud Playback. 


    Cloud playback 3


    5. Select the Cloud playback option as shown below. 


    Cloud Playback 4


    6. Tap the calendar icon to view a specific day, and tap and drag the playback ribbon to view a specific time. Press the play icon to begin playback. Note: The playback ribbon will be marked when there is motion or when an alert was triggered. 


    Cloud playback 5


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