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Zmodo App Update: Features, Upgrades, and Changes

posted this on September 07, 2017 23:15PM

We are excited to announce the release of the new Zmodo platform! For the past few months, we have been working diligently to upgrade our cloud infrastructure to provide better service for our products. With the update, compatible products will experience significant performance upgrades, including load speeds, streaming speeds, network stability, and more. In order to enjoy the upgrades, we have also updated our Zmodo app with a new simplified interface, and we will be releasing firmware for supported Zmodo devices over the next few weeks. You will be prompted to update your Zmodo device from the app. This FAQ will highlight some of the improvements and changes made to the Zmodo app. 


Device Preview 



All of your devices will display in the app's Device Wheel. You can customize your device's thumbnail as 1) the device's camera feed image (if the device has a camera), 2) the default image, 3) a photo from your phone's photo gallery, or 4) a photo taken with your phone's camera. Scroll left and right to navigate the Device Wheel, and tap on the thumbnail to access your device. 


Quick Modes

Modes description


The quick modes have been moved for easier access and toggling. Quick modes allow you to quickly toggle notification settings, devices behaviors, alerts, etc. For example, when you are at home, you can set your living room camera to turn off, and deactivate your motion alerts. When you are away, you can set all cameras to turn on, and activate motion alerts for all devices. Use the four default modes, create new modes, and edit device behaviors to control your home quickly, easily, just the way you want it. 






The Feature categories will allow you to quickly access the features that you want. If you want to view the live feed from your living room, press the "Video" function, if you want to view alerts from your devices, access the "Alerts" menu, if you want to change the lighting in your home, press the "Lighting" menu, and much more. 


Device List 


Device List


All of your devices will also be listed in your Device List. Just scroll down on the app's Home Page to see, and access all of your individual Zmodo devices. 


Menu Bar


Main Menu


You will be able to access all of the advanced features for the app using the Menu Bar below.

-  Tap "Home" to return to your app's home screen and access your devices. 

-  The "Events" menu will allow you to view alerts for devices, access and update cloud subscription, and control the sharing permissions for your devices.

-  The microphone function is currently disabled, but will support future voice control for your smart home. 

-  The "Discovery" menu allows you to post your favorite moments to share with friends and family, view public feeds and discover attractions around you, and shop for new Zmodo products to continue building your smart home.

-  The "Me" section will allow you to view and update your Zmodo user profile, view your Gallery (where alerts and downloaded clips are saved), view your Contacts, update the app, Live Chat with Zmodo Support, and more.