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[Troubleshooting] My Zmodo device isn't working after the app update

posted this on August 18, 2017 06:20AM

Once you have updated your app, you may need to update your Zmodo device to a new firmware (if available). The app will prompt you when a firmware update is available. In order to manually update it or to check if you have an up-to-date firmware, please view the "How do I manually update the firmware for my device" FAQ on support.zmodo.com. The devices below do not currently have a firmware update, but a new firmware will be released soon.


Temporarily, if you have one of the devices below with the listed firmware, you will need to download and use the "MeShare" mobile app. You can log in using your Zmodo account information. This applies to...


NVRs with firmware: 40.0.x.x; 43.1.x.x; 43.90.x.x; 43.91.x.x; 43.5.x.x;,


IP Cameras with firmware: 7.0.0.x; 7.1.0.x; 7.4.0.x; 7.21.0.x; 7.22.0.x; 7.23.0.x; 4.1.0.x; 4.0.2.x; 5.2.0.x


DVRs with firmware: 70.0.x.x; 70.1.x.x; 70.2.x.x; 70.3.x.x; 72.0.x.x


If your device has one of the listed firmwares, please download the MeShare app for temporary use. The MeShare app can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store.