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How to change your router settings

Date:May 17, 2018 21:55PM View:194874

    The following FAQ provides general instructions for accessing a router to change the router settings. Each router will be unique, and instructions may vary. 


    Find your router's IP address. 

    Before you begin: Make sure that your computer is connected to your router's network, either wirelessly or through a wired connection. 

    For Mac: 

    1. Access the Terminal (Command+Space, and type in "Terminal" on OSX 10.X and above)

    2. Type "ifconfig" into the command line on the Terminal and press Enter.

    3. You may have two values under "inet". One will say "inet". Find the other value under "inet". That is your IP address. 

    For Windows:

    1. Type "cmd" into the Windows search bar to open the command prompt. 

    2. Type "ipconfig" into the command prompt and press Enter. 

    3. Your router IP address will appear next to "Default Gateway". If there is no value next to "Default Gateway" you are not connected to the network. Make sure you are connected to the network, and try again. This value is your IP address. 


    Type your IP address into your web browser's address bar and provide your router's username and password.

    1. Open a web browser and type in the IP address that you found in the previous step.

    2. You will be prompted to provide your router's username and password before logging in to your router. Note: If you don't remember changing your router's password, you can find a list of default router passwords online, or at the site linked here. For security purposes, we highly recommend that you change your router's password after you access your router. 


    Access and change the settings that you need to change. 

    Each router will have a different user interface. From this page, you will be able to change the SSID for the networks, the broadcasting channels, the password for your wireless network, etc. 

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