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How do I adjust notification settings for my devices?

posted this on April 28, 2017 00:43AM

The updated Zmodo app includes a new feature called Quick Modes, which allows you to quickly adjust notification settings for all of your devices. By default, the app will include three modes: 1) Home, 2) Away, and 3) Sleep. You will be able to adjust your device's behavior for each of the modes. For example, you can turn off the camera and alerts for your Pivot when you are "Home," and you can turn the camera and alerts on when you are "Away". 


In order to toggle the Quick Modes, just press on the Quick Mode icon on your Home Screen and toggle to "Away" when you are leaving your house, "Home" when you come home, and "Sleep" when you are calling it a night. 


Modes 1


In order to adjust the notification settings or create new modes, press the Settings icon. You will see the Mode Settings page below. From here, you can tap on each mode and define how each device will behave when that mode is activated, you can create a new mode, and you can even set a mode schedule to automate your notifications. 


Modes 2


When you select a mode, you will see the menu below. Tap on each feature of the device to turn it on or off when that mode is activated, as shown below:


Mode 3