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Can I use the Torch Smart Light by itself, without the Connected Doorbell?

posted this on January 16, 2017 23:06PM

The Torch Pro is packaged to be used as a full, smart video and audio doorbell monitoring solution for your front porch. The Torch Pro uses the camera and the LED light from the Torch Smart Light for video and smart lighting features, and it uses the mic and speaker, PIR motion sensor, IR light and doorbell button on the Connected Doorbell for two-way audio, motion detection, night-vision, and doorbell calling functionality. 

You can install and use the Torch Smart Light independently of the doorbell, however, you will need to install a separate IR sensor for viewing at night. We will sell a separate night-vision add-on in the future, but we currently do not sell this. If you do install your own infrared light for night-vision, you will need to make sure that it is outside of the lantern that your Torch Smart Light is installed in. It is important to note that if you use the Torch Smart Light without the Connected Doorbell, you will not have motion-detection.