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How does the Pivot's motion detection work?

posted this on June 01, 2016 20:39PM

Pivot's motion detection can be triggered in two ways: 


1) Motion is captured by the camera. When motion occurs within the Pivot's field of view, the camera will remain in the same position in order to capture the motion. 


2) Motion is captured by the microwave array built around its body. When motion that occurs outside of the Pivot's field of view is captured by the microwave array, the camera will rotate 360o to capture footage of the entire room. NOTE: This will only be enabled when the 360o Detection option is enabled. 


Pivot is designed to send you an alert no more than once every 10 minutes. If motion is constantly being detected, you will not receive excessive alerts at once. The video playback ribbon will be marked "yellow" or "orange" when motion is detected so that you can easily access footage from that event.