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[FAQ]Do I get a discount if I sign up for multiple subscriptions?

Date:May 31, 2018 14:09PM View:19613

    Yes, Zmodo customers who are currently subscribed to a Zmodo cloud subscription will have the opportunity to purchase subsequent cloud subscriptions at a discounted rate. This article answers some commonly asked questions about the multiple subscription discount. 


    Q: Who qualifies for a discounted subscription? 

    A: A user who currently owns a cloud subscriptoin will qualify for discounts on subsequent subscriptions based on the chart below: 


    Current Subscription  50% off on these additional subscriptions
    7 Day (monthly) 7 Day (monthly)
    7 Day (yearly)  7 Day (monthly and yearly)
    30 Day (monthly) 30 Day (monthly), 7 Day (monthly)
    30 Day (yearly) All subscriptions will be eligible for discount


    Q: What happens if I cancel a full-price subscription? 

    A: If a full-price subscription is cancelled, the user's remaining subscriptions will need to be evaluated and re-priced depending on whether they still qualify for discounts. All remaining recurring payments will be cancelled, ending those subscriptions at their current rates. The user will be responsible for restarting the remaining subscriptions (at potentially higher rates) before they expire. To aid with this process, Zmodo offers a 3-day grace period after subscriptions expire where cloud service is still active, so that users have additional time to subscribe again or download their footage. 


    Q: What happens if I cancel a discounted subscription? 

    A: Discounted subscriptions can be cancelled without affecting any other subscriptions on the account. 


    Q: What happens if I buy a higher tier subscription later? Will the previous subscription(s) get the discount automatically? 

    A: No, the previous subscriptions will keep their current rate. However, the user will be able to cancel their current subscription and re-subscribe at the discounted rate. There will be no interruption in service if a user chooses to do so, and the discounted rates will take effect at the next billing cycle.  

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