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[FAQ]How do I mount the camera on a wall?

Date:May 19, 2018 00:01AM View:15508

    Your camera can stand on its base, be mounted on a wall or ceiling, or even operate separated from its base.

    Your camera comes with a solid base. The round camera snaps into its base effortlessly, and it’s just as easy to remove.

    Your camera and base comes with a wall mounting bracket. The base itself pivots and turns so you can reposition it at any time, even after the camera is mounted.

    a. Unsnap the base from the wall mounting bracket.

    b. Attach the wall mount to your wall or ceiling using the screws included in the box.

    c. Mount your camera by fitting the base back into the wall mount.


    Meshare Camera Mounting

    Meshare Camera Mounting 2

    Meshare Camera Mounting 3


    You can also use the camera by itself. The entire camera, Wi-Fi antenna, and infrared night vision LEDs are encased in a small and simple cylindrical shape, which can be used both in and out of the base. 


    Meshare Camera Mounting 4

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