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[FAQ]How can I arrange an order pickup at a UPS distribution center?

Date:May 19, 2018 00:35AM View:19304

    If your order was shipped using UPS and you would like to pick up your order from a local pickup station instead of allowing the order to be delivered, please follow these steps:

    Step #1 – Locate the UPS tracking number associated with your order, then go to www.ups.com and retrieve the current status. This will give the current location and estimated delivery date so that a pickup can be arranged.


    Step #2 - Under the "Locations” tab select UPS Customer Centers.

    UPS pickup step 2


    Step #3 – Select "Find Locations” from the list on the Right Side.

    UPS pickup step 3


    Step #4 – Fill in your address information on the Left Side. Next change the "Location Type” so the UPS Customer Center is the ONLY option selected. Then click on the "Find” button.

    UPS pickup step 4


    Step #5 – The results will show the Customer Centers in the area based on the address criteria that you entered. Please note, it MUST be a "UPS Customer Center”.

    UPS pickup step 5


    Step #6 – Contact the general UPS Customer Center (1-800-742-5877) to arrange a pickup at a local Customer Center. You must supply the tracking number when you call this number, and you will be required to present a valid picture ID when you pick up the order. The address on the ID must match the address on the package prior to it being released.

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