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How long does the battery last under normal operation conditions?

Date:November 20, 2018 19:42PM View:6751

    Snap Pro's battery life is estimated to last a season (three to five months) under "normal usage". Normal usage is defined to be 10, 10-second motion-activated recordings per day. 

    Some factors that may adversely affect the battery life are: 

    • Motion events: The more motion events that occur, the more the Snap Pro has to fully power on all its copmonents to record and transmit video clips.
    • Clip length: By default, Snap Pro records 10-second clips whenever motion is detected. This length can be adjusted, however, increasing the clip length will consume more battery. 
    • Live viewing: Users can access the live view of the Snap Pro camera on demand, however this will cause a drain on the battery. Note that longer live-viewing sessions will consume weeks, or even months worth of battery life. 
    • External temperature: Snap Pro uses lithium ion batteries, the performance of which is adversely affected by cold temperatures and environments. 

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