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[FAQ]Setting up your Bluetooth

Date:May 18, 2018 23:21PM View:30099

    Pivot has a built-in Bluetooth speaker, allowing you to connect your Bluetooth-compatible smartphone, MP3, or laptop for some mood music. Follow the instructions below to connect to the Bluetooth speaker: 


    1) Enable the Bluetooth feature on your smartphone. Access the Bluetooth option in your smartphone's settings menu and make sure that the Bluetooth feature is enabled. 


    2) Quickly double-tap the touch pad on the top of your Pivot until you hear "Pairing".


    3) Select "Pivot" from the list of available Bluetooth devices on your smartphone, and the Pivot will say "Connected". Access the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone, and scan for available Bluetooth devices. After a few moments, "Pivot" should appear under your list of available devices. Select "Pivot" and wait for the connection to complete. 


    4) Play your favorite tunes. Your smartphone will now be connected to your Pivot's Bluetooth speaker. Select a song using your phone's music player and enjoy your music!

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