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[FAQ]Minimum Requirements & Compatibility

Date:May 19, 2018 00:50AM View:41784

    What do I need to set up my camera? 

    The Mini Cam uses a mobile setup technology called "SmartLink". It can be set up using an Android or iOS smart device. Just download and install the 'MeShare' app from Google Play or the App Store and you will be able to configure your camera from the app.


    How can I view and control my camera? 

    You can view your Mini Cam using the 'MeShare' app from your Android or iOS smartphone/tablet, or you can also view your Mini Cam using any web browser by logging into your MeShare account on user.meshare.com. 


    What type of WiFi connection does the camera support? 

    You will need a 2.4GHz WiFi connection with proper encryption (WPA/WPA2 recommended) for security. 


    Is my WiFi signal strong enough? 

    In order to allow you to access live video at any time and receive live motion detection and sound alerts, the Mini Cam communicates with cloud servers constantly. As a result, you will need a strong wireless signal where you install the Mini Cam. In order to check your WiFi signal strength, you can download a free WiFi signal strength app in Google Play or the App Store. While standing at the location where you would like to install your doorbell, hold your phone upright and run the WiFi signal strength app. For optimal performance, it is recommended that your WiFi signal is -60dB or better. 


    WiFi Signal Strength


    How can I improve my wireless signal? 

    If your signal isn't strong enough, your wireless router may be too far from your camera, or there may be too many obstacles interfering with the signal. Such obstacles include: thick walls, metal, concrete, plaster, marble. There are a few solutions: 

    1) Install a wireless repeater. A wireless repeater repeats the wireless signal from your router over a greater distance. Install a wireless repeater close to your camera and connect the Mini Cam to this repeater during the configuration process. 

    2) Move your wireless router closer to the Mini Cam. Find a suitable location for your router that's closer to your camera. 

    3) Upgrade your wireless router. Upgrading your router and internet could prepare your home for future smart, connected products. 

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