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Mounting your Greet

Date:May 17, 2018 21:50PM View:37527

    1) Before you begin: 

    BEFORE you begin installation, please read the minimum requirements in the Greet support and make sure that your home is compatible with the Greet. Please remember to check the wireless signal strength at the location of installation before installation. 

    To check the wireless signal strength, download a WiFi signal strength test app from Google Play or the App Store. Stand at the location that you are going to install your doorbell, and run the app. You should have a signal stronger than -60dB. Refer to the minimum requirements FAQ if you need further instruction.


    WiFi Signal Strength


    To avoid potential risks, it is recommended that you power off your wired doorbell prior to installation. 


    2) Remove the existing doorbell. 

    Remove the existing doorbell from your wall. Once removed, you should see two wires as shown. 


    Removing the existing doorbell


    3) Drill six holes into the wall. 

    Once you have removed your old doorbell, hold the bracket where you want to install the doorbell as shown, and mark with a permanent marker the locations of the six drill holes. Tip: use a level to make sure that the bracket is even before marking the holes. 

    Using a drillbit that is slightly smaller than the included anchors, carefully drill six holes at the locations marked. Use a hammer and gently tap the wall anchors into the holes until they are flush against the wall. 


    Drilling holes 


    4) Connect and fasten the mounting bracket to the wall. 

    Fasten the mounting bracket to the wall using the provided screws and a screwdriver, and connect the two wires to the terminals on the mounting bracket (you can connect the wires to either terminal) as shown.

     Connecting the bracket


    5) Attach the doorbell to the mounting bracket. 

    Slide the doorbell onto the mounting bracket and tighten the two security screws on the bottom of the doorbell. Wait for the doorbell to power on. When the LED ring is blinking green, you're ready to configure your doorbell. 


    Attaching Doorbell

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