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[FAQ]How do I share my device with other users?

Date:May 31, 2018 14:10PM View:129752

    You can share your devices quickly and easily with friends and family to allow them to view and control your device. Sharing Management allows you to adjust user permissions for each specific user. Follow the instructions below to share your device: 


    NOTE: Your friend or family member will need a Zmodo account. They can register for a free account by downloading the mobile app. 


    1) Add your friend or family member as a friend in your Zmodo account. Enter the 'People' feature from your Home Screen, and press the (+) on the upper right hand corner to add a new friend. 


    2) Access the 'Sharing Management' option in your device's device settings. Access the device's device settings by tapping the settings gear on the Device Tile from your Home Screen, and select 'Sharing Management'. 


    3) Press the (+) icon to share your device with a friend. Select the friend(s) that you would like to share your device with. 


    4) Write a custom note for your friend(s) and set the device permissions that you would like to grant them access to. 


    5) Wait for a response. Once your friend(s) have accepted your invitation, you can adjust permissions from the Sharing Management menu. 


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