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[FAQ]Where should I place my Pivot?

Date:May 21, 2018 00:33AM View:21103

    In order to make the most of your Pivot's 360o motion detection and surveillance, we recommend that you place your Pivot on a flat surface in the middle of your room, or in a location where most of your room is visible, including your doors and entryways. Follow the tips below to find the ideal location for your Pivot:


    1) Check your WiFi signal strength. In order to make sure that your Pivot's connection is as stable as possible, make sure that the WiFi signal is very strong at the location of your Pivot. In order to check for the signal strength, read the corresponding FAQ. You can also read the Improving WiFi signal FAQ to help improve the WiFi signal strength in your home. 


    2) Check for nearby power outlets. The Pivot was designed to be simple to install. No mounting or drilling is required, just place the Pivot on a flat surface near a wall outlet and you're done. 


    3) Make sure your Pivot is high enough. The Pivot has wide-angle lens as well as a long vertical viewing angle so that your entire space is covered, but you should make sure that you place your Pivot high enough to capture the entire room. Do not place your Pivot on the floor. 


    4) Place your Pivot in view of your doors, windows, and other entryways. After you configure the included door and window sensors, your Pivot will be able to turn towards your doors, windows, and other entryways when they're open. Make sure that your doors and entryways are in the line of sight of your Pivot. 


    5) Place your Pivot close to the center of your room. You can place your Pivot on the coffee table, kitchen bar, side table, etc. 

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